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Martin Glynn - Rural Development AdvisorMartin Glynn - Rural Development AdvisorMartin Glynn - Rural Development AdvisorMartin Glynn - Rural Development AdvisorMartin Glynn - Rural Development Advisor

I provide sustainable woodland management and rural development services and work with a number of like-minded associates and companies to offer key related and support activities. 

Woodland Management & Creation

Your woodlands are going to be around for a long time, and with that in mind, you want the best management of them to make sure that they are. I can support you through management planning, grant application and contractor sourcing to help you make a complex task much simpler and get your woods working for you.

Woodland Appraisals

Owning a small woodland is an achievable aspiration for many. However, is that woodland you’re planning to buy  an answer to your dreams, or a nightmare in the making? An appraisal of its merits from access to wildlife will ensure you end up with the right woodland for you.

Feasibility & Scoping Studies

You’ve had an idea and you want to be sure it’s going to work. Wide ranging consultation, market research, stakeholder engagement and funding appraisals, all of which I conduct objectively, will provide you with the answers you need.

Business Planning

Once  you’ve decided what’s feasible you’ll need to plan it in greater detail, looking at markets, production, resources and finance. A good business plan helps you run a successful business,  not sit on a shelf.

Project Development & Management

Projects delivered on time and on budget don’t simply happen – they need dedicated development and management expertise.

Event Management

Events have a habit of taking over, whether it’s a short seminar or a trade expo. Getting it managed professionally allows you to focus on your own area of expertise.

Evaluation & Monitoring

Implementing rural development projects involves knowing what impact your activities are having. Only with this information will you be able to provide your funders and supporters with what they want.

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